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As a trusted resource among leading manufacturers across North America, TurnKey solutions play a vital role in our customer relationships. A fully-optimized production process, uniquely matched to your manufacturing goals and requirements; ensures sustained profitability and ongoing success. With a CHIRON America TurnKey, you’ll discover how we can produce your components faster, with greater efficiency, and at the lowest possible cost – all before production even starts.

Chiron TurnKey


Automation can conquer numerous challenges for manufacturers – providing floorspace/footprint benefits, around-the-clock unattended machining capabilities, and dramatic increases to overall efficiency. Having developed and installed countless fully-automated projects, CHIRON America leverages a complete scope of advanced technologies – supported by the most experienced automation specialists in the industry. Whether part loading and unloading, measuring, cleaning or coding – we provide innovative solutions for every application.

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Applications & Engineering Support

The foundation of a successful manufacturing partnership begins with a comprehensive understanding of your unique production goals. We then develop the optimal process – designed to maximize your profits, and to ensure your competitive advantage. Our Engineering teams in the US and Mexico include the most experienced technical specialists you’ll find in production machining today.


  • Complete process development
  • Optimization and programming
  • Production support
  • Job prove-out


  • Automation development and integration
  • Reconfiguring automation for new parts
  • Machine reconfiguration (i.e. new options or devices)
Applications & Engineering Support


Industry is rapidly turning toward digitalization to enhance production methods. Not only do digital systems facilitate greater efficiency, they also increase availability and productivity. SmartLine, the comprehensive portfolio of digital systems from the CHIRON Group, harnesses this potential – adding lasting value to your machining centers and production processes.

CHIRON America offers and supports the complete range of SmartLine products for our customers in North America:

ConditionLine: Automatic condition monitoring
DataLine: Integrated machine and process diagnostics
ProcessLine: Machining simulated and optimized in advance
ProtectLine: Preventive machine protection in every mode of operation
RemoteLine: Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance
TouchLine: Reliable and intuitive operation

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Production Support

CHIRON America’s production support services ensure that machine reliability and availability are maintained, while delivering agreed-upon production rates and quality.

Goals of Production Support:

  • Reliability of the production process through systematical analysis of machine and process Improvement of the qualification of operators, job setters and CNC programmers.
  • Reduction of the process costs through process optimization and tool endurance
  • Ensuring of the agreed production objectives.

General functions of CHIRON America Production Support:

  • Training, instruction and support of maintenance staff on breakdowns and PMs on the job
  • Back up of maintenance staff regarding technical questions and breakdown.
  • Documentation, report keeping and analyzing of machine break downs and part usage.
  • Systematical analyzing of machine and component failure rates.
  • Training, orientation and support of operators, job setters and CNC programmers.
  • Cooperation at process and tool endurance optimization
  • Training for fast changeover.
Production Support


Simultaneously with the development of your machining solution, our training specialists begin proactively addressing your immediate and future needs. Ensuring that your team is prepared and ready for production.

  • Operator Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Training available at CHIRON America, or customer site